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29 Front Yard Landscaping Design You Will Love

The front yard is the place that creates the first impression, so the landscape design for the front yard is an important thing that cannot be ignored. Beautifully designed landscaping not only helps to highlight the architectural lines but also enhances the value of the house. Check out the following decorating tips, I’m sure it will be helpful to apply to your front yard.

  1. Modern landscaping with gravel, metal and plants
Photo source: Houzz

The modern element is represented by the square, straight-edged lines, and a simple color palette. Gray metal edges and shrubs highlight on white gravel.

  1. Mix of shrubs, flowers and lawn
Photo source:

This front lawn is lined with bushes with charming purple flowers. The entrance is paved with rustic brick that resonates with the traditional style of the house.

  1. Retaining wall for sloping garden
Photo source:

Retaining walls are classified according to each height to prevent landslides and are also containers for planting trees. Neutral gray walls and steps bring soothing harmony to the front yard.

  1. Pathway
Photo source: Kristy Wicks

The pathway is highlighted by rows of shrubs on both sides and lights on each step. This pathway uses a fan turn to attract the eye and make a strong impression on the entryway.

  1. Mediterranean style
Photo source: One Million Ideas

This front yard has a Mediterranean style with warm dry tones, a fountain and colorful flower beds.

  1. Geometric lines
Photo source: The Botted Boxwood

Create a focal point by rotating the front yard tiles 45 degrees and then, highlighting it with straight grass lines.

  1. Private and elegant front yard
Photo source: This Old House

Bushes, strips of white flowers intertwined with wooden fences to create privacy for the front yard. Small wooden gates combine rustic flagstones for an elegant pathway.

  1. Super large planter box
Photo source:

Super large white planter box placed symmetrically on both sides give the entrance a more formal look.

  1. Curved entryway
Photo source: The Ofy

In this front yard landscape, a hillside has a slight slope, at the foot of the hill there are rocks and a few small bushes. Next is the soft curve from the stone steps on the green grass.

  1. Bronze planter box
Photo source: Pinterest

You’ll find balance in this front yard, a tall planter box with low plants and a low planter box with one tall plant. The shiny bronze surface stands out and makes a strong impression on visitors.

  1. Minimalist front yard
Photo source: Viva Decora

Minimalist landscape with a few shrubs, concrete steps paved on white gravel.

  1. Front yard for flower lovers
Photo source:

This great front yard for flower lovers. Tips: white-gray color (exterior, fence, yard) as a background for a colorful flower garden.

  1. Small garden ideas
Photo source: Dailymotion

Small front yard, try bordering flower beds and make your front yard gorgeous with a colorful flower garden.

  1. Stunning windowsill planter ideas
Photo source: The Home Depot

The front yard is not only in the garden but also on the windowsill. Add flower pots on the windowsill and you will see an amazing effect!

  1. Neutral colors
Photo source:

Try listing neutrals in this front yard: blue-gray tiles, white stone edges, green shrubs with white flowers, silver-white fountains, wooden benches with white cushions.

  1. Landscaping ideas for large front yard
Photo source:

Luxurious large front yard with a large waterfall in the center, two sides of the garden are diversely shaped and neatly trimmed.

  1. Cozy and welcoming
Photo source: RockABye Interiors

This cozy and welcoming front porch is symmetrically placed with potted plants, wall lights and step lights.

  1. Hardscaping ideas
Photo source: Premier Landscape

Hardscaping using paving stones helps to limit weeds and low maintenance costs.

  1. Wooden Bench
Photo source: Hither and Thither

Put a rest bench on the front yard entrance, why not? Rectangles are used as the language for this front yard, such as the wooden slats of the benches, the concrete steps on the pathway.

  1. White gate and white fence
Photo source: Depositphotos

A smart idea is to combine green bushes below, vines with red flowers above. All stand out against the white background of fences and gates.

  1. Charming small gate
Photo source: Everyday Living

Natural stone fence, rustic tiled pathway, small white gate and charming flower basket.

  1. Drought landscaping
Photo source: avid_landscaping_inc

Drought landscape is characterized by succulent plants. This modern, low-maintenance front yard grows a variety of cacti on a base of gray soil and fawn pebbles.

  1. Fish pond
Photo source: letgo

A small aquarium with the sound of flowing water is inviting. The water feature helps to calm the mind and reduce stress effectively.

  1. Waterfall
Photo source: ultralandscapedesign

Asian style front yard with a large waterfall with decorative pedestrian bridge; on the other side of the pathway is a garden with many tropical plants.

  1. Long and narrow front yard
Photo source: Garden Design and Layout

Fill your long and narrow front yard with drought landscape: natural rocks, gravels, bricks and succulents.

  1. Symmetry
Photo source: PlowHearth

This modest front yard has up to ten pots of plants, five pots on each side placed symmetrically through the main door.

  1. Contemporary front yard
Photo source: Red Pencil Architecture

The bricks are staggered, interspersed with a few bushes to create softness for the front yard. The minimalist color palette, gray of brick and stone combined with green lawns.

  1. Colorful corner pathway
Photo source:

The colorful pathway which rich material, paver, gravel, shrubs, flower and wild grass.

  1. Modern address for a welcoming
Photo source: Precision Landscape

Adding an address in your front yard garden is not only recognizable to the surrounding neighbors but is also a creative decorating idea, try it!

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