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9 Smart Solutions For The Space Under Stairs – Under Stairs Storage Ideas

Are you looking for ideas for space under the stairs? Taking advantage of the space under the stairs helps you have a significant extra space, especially for houses with a small area. Here are 9 clever ideas with decorating tips, let’s get started!

  1. TV Cabinet

Most stairs are usually attached to the living room, so placing a TV cabinet under the stairs is a common idea.

Photo source: Happynest

The light and elegant black folding steel plate stairs bring more space for the TV shelf below.

Photo source: Feel Decor

Under the diagonal of the stairs, two triangular arrays make decorative shelves, leaving a square niche as a TV shelf.

Photo source: Ideias Decor

The stairs and TV stand and wood paneling create the feeling of a sculptural block.

Photo source: Diyhomebr

Light and elegant thanks to white painted concrete stairs, TV wall mount, floating shelves, lights.

Photo source: Behance

The sharp, low angle under the stairs is used as a decorative shelf, at eye level is the right place for you to place the TV shelf.

  1. Storage Decoration

Decorative cabinets and drawers are an ideal solution to solve the most difficult triangular sharp corners in the house.

Photo source:

In this staircase, the sharp corners choose to place fixed decorations to make way for beautiful positions for everyday items.

Photo source: Shefalitayal

Gray cabinets and chairs contrast with white shiplap walls and stair.

Photo source: Real Homes

Shoe cabinet is clean and tidy; there are many wooden hooks hanging on the wall above.

Photo source: Incredible Furniture

Storage and decorative shelves are placed behind risers like an inverted staircase.

Photo source:

You don’t like to make triangular storage, this smart storage ideas are for you. Use multiple rectangular boxes to combine and fit under the stairs!

  1. Home Office

During the Covid-19 pandemic, working from home is a common trend. Check out the decorating ideas and tips below to make your workspace the most comfortable.

Photo source:

This cozy small home office has a soft and elegant color scheme. A small nook on the right-hand side helps to increase the storage area.

Photo source: Houzz

If you like cleanliness then this is the perfect space for you, all white!

Photo source:

This bright home office features storage shelves and a lightweight, easy-to-remove desk.

Photo source: Real Simple

This home office uses warm materials: wooden floor, horizontal wooden slats, brown leather chairs.

  1. Landscape

You are a plant lover, satisfy your passion by using the dead corner under the stairs to grow plants.

Photo source: Archilovers

This staircase space receives a lot of natural light from the skylight, creating conditions for both terrestrial and aquatic plants to grow.

Photo source: Dezeen

Using single beam steel staircase is a good idea, both aesthetically pleasing and creating ventilation for the garden.

Photo source:

When your space does not have light and ventilation, think of a fake garden, why not?

Photo source: BEHZAD ZANJANI

A drought, low-maintenance garden adds stunning to this zig-zag staircase.

  1. Reading nooks

A great reading corner helps to encourage a love of reading and increase knowledge. Just grab a book, curl up with a cup of coffee, and you slowly enter your own world. Browse the reading nooks under the stairs below for more unique ideas for your renovation.

Photo source: Bria Hammel Interiors

Located under a curved staircase, this chic reading nook features a green bench, large shelves with lots of books and decorations.

Photo source:

On this staircase, bookcases are hidden in drawers, benches are upholstered in thick gray fabric, and walls are in white shiplap.

Photo source: Houszed

This reading nook is clad in wood to create a cozy and inviting feel. Do you want to curl up in this reading nook?

Photo source:

If you are used to reading in white light then this idea is for you. White storage shelves and a little white light on the ceiling support your eyes.

  1. Laundry

Have you ever thought to hide the laundry room under the stairs? Hidden behind the doors is a laundry and storage space for your clothes. That’s a crazy idea!

Photo source: The Interiors Addict

The white cabinets and delicately treated corners perfectly hidden the laundry room under the stairs.

Photo source:

This beautiful clean laundry room uses eye-catching wallpaper and some cornflower accents in the niches and lights. So we don’t need doors to hide, show them off to your friends and loved ones.

Photo source:

The tiny laundry room has just enough space for the washing machine, and it maximizes the capacity for the triangular shelves.

  1. Powder room

The powder room is a space that is not too wet (no shower or tub). Designing a powder room is a difficult job with many technical requirements, so sometimes you need the help of architects. Please note to place the toilet in the lowest place to optimize space and interior decoration.

Photo source: TERACEE

Walls, doors, cabinets, furniture (lavabo, toilet) are all white in contrast to the dark gray tile floor.

Photo source:

Powder room decorated in rustic style with wood-paneled ceilings combined with bright copper and black metal details.

Photo source:

With a small space under the stairs, you should choose a toilet combined with a lavabo. Adding small potted plants creates a feeling of ventilation and freshness.

  1. Wine cellar

Cellar design is often thought of in luxury homes because of budget and space constraints. However, with the stairs cellar ideas below and a little creativity, you will have a beautiful and proud wine cellar.

Photo source: Leroy Merlin

This wine cellar is designed with cabinets and shelves painted in black to match the color of the stairs. The square wooden wine storage, copper walls with wooden floors create a warm space.

Photo source:

This is a minimalist wine cellar ideas under the “console stairs”.

Photo source: Reddit

The wine cellar under the stairs has a rustic style, with many silver shiny metal items. A creative way to divide cabinets and shelves and you can duplicate them for your cellar.

Photo source:

This farmhouse-style L-shaped staircase makes use of the bottom of the stairs as a wine cabinet, both saving space, making the house more luxurious, and showing your personal style.

Photo source: Kaap Studio

The simple material palette of oak wood, white cabinet doors, and glass wine gallery cabinets create an elegant and minimalist look.

  1. Dog house

You are a dog lover and are considering building a house for them. You can’t let them roam around the house, that creates a bad habit, and sometimes they will annoy you. Considering a location that offers privacy for the dogs, the dog house idea under the stairs is a great idea. It will be a beautiful home and bring happiness to you and your dog.

Photo source: soldbykels

This is Molly’s room, it’s so big and cozy. Surely this Molly dog will love this house and enjoy playing with teddy bears and well-prepared toys.

Photo source: Kei Design

This dog has a small and lovely nest. Maybe he is lazy and spends the day sleeping in his house!

Photo source:

This dog house has a green color that looks clean and cool. The food storage drawer at the bottom brings neatness and convenience to your dog.

Which idea do you like best, let me know in the comments section below? Please subscribe to follow the latest post from Dk Home Decor.

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