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45 Best Elevation Designs For 2 Floor House | Double Floor House Elevation In India

A beautiful and bold home is the dream of all of us. Therefore, you need to focus on the design of the façade, which makes the first impression on people around. Check out the façade design ideas below for more inspiration on how to combine paint colors, materials, and shapes for your home.”

  1. White – Red – Gray (Stone)

This facade is modern with white as the main color, the left wall is painted in red, making a strong impression. On the terrace, the large wall behind the gray stone creates depth for the space.

  1. Lots of colors and purple accents

This facade uses paint, stone, glass and multi-colored materials with light to dark tones. Light purple lines lead from the gate to the facade.

  1. Horizontal and vertical lines

Modern facade design with many horizontal and vertical lines. Wood-paneled walls and gray paint as the background highlight the white lines and black stone vertical walls.

  1. Warm tones color

Warm tones design with brown shades color palette (dark wood, natural stone, dark brown, light brown, and white)

  1. Yellow accents

Want to add yellow as a unique accent on your facade? Choose a simple palette of gray and white background and yellow accents.

  1. Dark brown (wood) – yellow brown – white

  1. Stacking the rectangles
  1. Wood, glass and plants
  1. Modern style lines and light
  1. A lot of white colors
  1. White – gray – brown wood
  1. Neo-classic facade
  1. Bold color scheme
  1. Corner facade with bold color tone
  1. Brown tones
  1. Dark stone wall accents
  1. Brown – gray – light green
  1. Dark red brown – gray – white
  1. Repeat details
  1. Light brown – natural stone – white
  1. High contrast colors
  1. Another high contrast colors
  1. Rich material
  1. Bright and emotional facade
  1. Clean flat wall surface
  1. Green facade
  1. Light and bright facade
  1. Strong lines with dark blue
  1. Focus on facade details
  1. Light red accents
  1. Modern and elegant facade
  1. Dark blue – white – wood
  1. Indigo blue – gray – wood
  1. West facade Ideas

To avoid the harsh sunlight in the west, this facade uses thick walls and few windows.

  1. Wood paneled wall 2 floors high
  1. Simple facade design
  1. Reflections around
  1. Ideas for long facades
  1. Minimalist facade
  1. Dark blue and white
  1. Brown yellow tone
  1. Another brown yellow tone
  1. Cheerful and elegant colors
  1. Cyan – orange – gray
  1. Lasercut metal panel

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