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Modern Fireplace Wall Design | Modern Mantel Decor Ideas |Trendy Fireplace Designs 2022

Check this collection of best contemporary gas fireplace designs for inspiration – using tiles, marble, brick, glass, metal! If you like these ideas, save them for inspiration to your house.

This stunning and very fashionable solution seems to be a great option for a loft or an industrial interior.

There is nothing superfluous in this surround – just a perfectly flat surface.

You can arrange the wooden planks as you like. The original pattern will give the fireplace a country house charm and warmth.

The surround of large concrete-looking tiles admires with its quite laconic and a bit harsh view.

An Art Deco interior and a fireplace.

Modern fireplace tile: ceramic waves, glass mosaic, patterned tiles, marble, pebbles…

Modern fireplace design with TV.

Contemporary gas fireplace designs.

One of the advantages of the corner design is ergonomics and compactness so you can install such a fireplace even in a small living room.

So, you have managed to evaluate all the benefits of a fireplace as a design solution. Stone, glass, metal, finished with stone, electric, gas, open, and corner fireplaces – each of them is able to embody your interpretation of the hearth. As they say, it is better to see once than read a hundred times. Here are a few more photos of fashionable fireplaces of the stunning design for the most stylish and cozy interiors.

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