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Designing And Creating A Mediterranean Garden – Mediterranean Backyard Landscape

Photo source: Bob Thompson Homes

If you find yourself regularly daydreaming about a Mediterranean vacation then this landscape style is for you. You don’t have to live in Italy or Spain or France to incorporate herbs, shrubs, and flowers from those regions into your garden ideas.

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  • With the right plants, materials, and accessories, you can bring the beauty of the Mediterranean into your own front yard. Mediterranean gardens are best known for their homely elegance.
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  • This garden style combines relaxed materials and plants with formal accents and designs. You can design a shaded seating area and a canopy is an ideal structure.
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  • Using terracotta pots and jars creates a Mediterranean character. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you have plenty of options for container gardening.
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  • Regarding floor tiles, Mediterranean floor tiles have vibrant colors and diverse patterns, creating impressive color accents against the green background of flowers and grass.
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  • In a region with arid climates and low water availability, a small tip for you is to pave your floors, walkways, or beds with gravel. This both reduces maintenance and increases the attractiveness of the garden.
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  • The botanical palette of the Mediterranean landscape is made up of plants that provide texture, color, and structure – think succulent, heat-loving, and drought-tolerant plants like cacti, lavender incense, cypress, or aromatic herbs.
Photo source: Twitter @gardenista
  • In arid conditions does not mean saying no to the water feature. Adding ornamental ponds, swimming pools, fountains to help cool the space, the sound of water brings relaxation and fun.
Photo source: lindgrenlandscape

With these design tips, you can come up with ideas to spruce up your front yard and add fun to your family and friends.

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